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Algebra EOC Masterclass

Duration:90 minutes
Timing:Mondays at 5pm

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The Georgia Milestone End of Course (EOC) Test is worth as much as 20% of your final grade in Algebra I and the test covers material from the entire school year. Structured study sessions are lead by East Cobb Tutoring Center director Allison Barchichat. Allison has been teaching and tutoring math for twenty years.

The course review will model the topics covered on the actual exam:

  • Equations 30%
  • Expressions 20%
  • Functions 35%
  • Probability & Statistics 15%

Review Schedule:

April 10 Units 1, 2: Relationships between quantities and expressions; Reasoning with linear equations and inequalities

April 17 Units 3 & 4: Modeling and analyzing quadratics functions; Modeling and analyzing exponential functions

April 24 Units 5 & 6: Comparing & Contrasting Functions; Describing Data

May 1: General Review of Units 1-6

May 8: General Review of Units 1-6