Notice of Fee Increase, 10/1/2021

Dear Families,
We thought keeping up with inflation would be temporary. It looks like no business is immune, including East Cobb Tutoring Center.In order to continue providing you with the highest level of service and the best quality tutors, we must raise our fees beginning October 1. With careful consideration, we have kept our tutoring rates as low as possible for you while still covering our increasing costs.
  • The new hourly tutoring rate will be $72.50, which will help us keep our highly qualified teachers.
  • Kindergarten sessions will continue to be prorated for 45-minutes as we understand that an hour is a long time for the little guys.
  • The fee structure for a buddy session will also change. Adding a second student to the hour will cost $47.50. If both families split the cost, the fee to each family is only $60/student.
  • To help limit exposure, we will not be offering group classes at this time. SAT & ACT prep is still available as individual (or buddy) sessions.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for sticking with us during the pandemic. As a mom of three middle schoolers, I share your frustrations with the state of our schools and the education of our kids. We’re all in the same boat together, I am happy to talk through your concerns and offer support from a mom/teacher/tutor perspective.

I wish you all continued health and thank you again for your business.