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Blessed Trinity Parent

Jameelah – She gets the job done and is always so sweet! – TB

Pope Parent

My daughter worked with you for High School Honors Biology tutoring for the past 5 months and I wanted to write to let you know what a kind, supportive and competent tutor she has been working with. She went above and beyond to work with us. She has a phenomenal work ethic and her approach to tutoring is relatable and realistic. On top of all that, she’s an excellent communicator and truly served as a partner in helping us to figure out solutions that would work for my daughter in her Biology class. While we can always hope we won’t…

Pope Family

The tutors are great! They are flexible and will add an extra 30 minutes to the session if needed. Sam West was a huge help in Physics and Calculus. Allison is also very knowledgeable and helpful with Calculus. This school year would’ve been a bust without their help. I am very grateful! – BC

Wheeler Parent

My sophomore was struggling with Spanish 2. It has been a full year since she has taken Spanish 1 and when she did it was virtual. We decided to get her some help and Lisa has been outstanding! She is feeling so much more confident in her class and her grades continue to improve. – HF

Simpson Parent

We saw an immediate improvement in his grades after working with Sarah – the highest score he had before tutoring was 74 in science, now his lowest grade is an 80! He also just got back a 94 on the algebra test they were working on. — AB

Pope Parent

Our tutor has gone above and beyond to work with our family. She is professional, responsive and relatable. Perfect match for our daughter! –SR

Dickerson Parent

Lisa… I can’t believe this! He got a 103 on the test and brought his average up to a B!!! He was failing Spanish when I reached out to Allison about tutoring. His teacher is thrilled!!! – JS

Eastside Parent

Recently, ECTC worked with our fifth grader with his math skills, and in just weeks we’ve seen our child’s math grade improve by a letter grade and his confidence is back! ECTC, thanks for helping our son get his groove back. Beyond the tutor, the office communication is incredible, from scheduling to billing to reminder texts and emails with our appointment times. We would only trust ECTC with our tutoring needs! -AF

KSU Student

I got above my goal on the calculus exam! Thank you! Tell my tutor for me please. He would be so happy to hear the news. – AL

Dodgen Parent

He had his first session with Sterling. He complained about going to tutoring…after the session he got in the car and RAVED about Sterling. He was chatty and excited and so happy – said he explains and helped him so much. He likes how “modern and current” he is. Said the hour went by really fast too. –TN

Walton Parent

My son is a junior at Walton and just had his first tutoring session; I’m hearing it went well :). I’m writing because I’d like to you to know how grateful we are having Alyssa as the main contact. She is responsive, thorough, upbeat, and she never makes me feel like a pest, even though I know I am, when I call or email with lots of questions. -AB

Lassiter Parent

I wanted to share that we are really enjoying working with our tutor. Not only does she do an excellent job working with my son, she also has wonderful communication on what is going on with him. We have tried other tutoring and other programs before and have never found any that came close to what she’s doing. My son actually looks Tutoring as a resource versus a punishment. Which is huge for him. Just wanted to make sure that was noted! She exceeds my expectations! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. -DH

Dodgen Parent

We love Doyin! She was so wonderful with my son and really helped him a lot. Huge praise her way! – TN

Walton Parent

My son feels like the study skills tutoring sessions with our tutor have been incredibly helpful and that he is in a much better place now with study skills, notetaking and organization. – MM

The Walker School Parent

Thanks to our tutor, she has made great strides, and has caught up in both ELA and Math. -AG

Campbell IB Student

As a student in a magnet program the content I learn at school can be especially challenging sometimes. However, at times when I am having trouble grasping a concept, East Cobb Tutoring Center has always had a tutor available for me to see and learn from, helping me succeed in my classes and achieve the grades I want and need. Among all the tutors there that I’ve worked with, no one has ever failed to help me learn, and learning is made easier in the center’s environment, in which I have privacy with my tutor and enough time to fully…

Lassiter Parent

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your business. I just paid (using my cell phone) for my son’s tutoring session this afternoon. It was so quick and easy! Also, I’m pretty sure you know by now that we LOVE Jessyca. She is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for everything you do to make learning so much easier. I recommend East Cobb Tutoring Center every chance I get. -LK

Wheeler Magnet Student

East Cobb Tutoring Center has been amazing in helping me learn how to study and teaching me the material that I needed to learn. The tutors I had were absolutely amazing and are willing to help however and whenever they can, which helped me tremendously in my classes.–TT

Dodgen Parent

Hey Allison, Wanted to say thank you for referring us to Doyin! She had been wonderful! And has taken (my son) from a 69 at end of quarter 3 to a 87 now in quarter 4! He enjoys her teaching and excels under her instruction Thanks again! We will schedule back with her when new school year starts. Hope you guys are well! –TN

Sprayberry Student

I just wanted to let you know, I got a 94% on my chemistry test, which is even higher than I was hoping to get! I really couldn’t have done it without your help, so I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for helping and teaching me! I really enjoyed working with you and you made a huge difference for me! Thank you so much, and have a great summer! –KT