Summer Tutoring Options

Flexibility is the name of the game in the summer and we have quite a few options for summer tutoring.

  1. Private tutoring with a flexible schedule – We understand that our students will be attending camps, joining teams or going on family trips. Whether you are looking for a few intense weeks of study, or just an hour a week, we can accommodate your scheduling needs. We will be working with students in our East Cobb office as well as online.
  2. Buddy up – When two or more students (from different families) work together with the same tutor, everyone wins! Both families get a discount, and being with a friend is definitely an anxiety reducer. Buddy sessions work best when the students are friends in the same grade, at the same school.
  3. Back to School Bootcamps – These small groups focus on the most important skills to be back to school ready. The students are grouped by grade level and class size is limited to just 5 students. Additional bootcamps can be scheduled by request, with a minimum of two students.