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Rutger tutors biology and chemistry. He also tutors physical science. Chem, Bio & Physical Science

Rutger returns to East Cobb Tutoring Center as a tutor, after working with us many years ago as a high school math student! Rutger attended Georgia State University’s Honors College and graduated with advanced scientific honors. During this time, Rutger discovered his love of teaching while working as a teaching assistant for undergraduate anatomy classes. Rutger joins our staff to tutor in-person physical science, biology and chemistry. In college, Rutger played Division I lacrosse and has a patent under review for a piece of lacrosse equipment!


Rutger has this advice for his students, “Success can look too impressive and intimidating when comparing yourself to peers, and I used to think my abilities would top out way below what I have already accomplished. The bottom line is, don’t compare and play into what other people are accomplishing. When focusing on yourself and improving/ learning how YOU operate… the foundation you build will propel you much further.”