Resources for Pre-K Families

At East Cobb Tutoring Center, our youngest students are in Kindergarten. However, we understand the concerns of Pre-K families, as many of us had Pre-K students ourselves! Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is a big deal. You might be asking: Did we pick the right preschool? Is my child ready? What should we be working on at home?

After consulting with a collaborative of GA Pre-K teachers, we have developed a list of resources that we believe are good choices for practicing Pre-K skills at home. You will find loads and loads of e-books to read with your child. The more reading you do with your child, the better! Online flashcards for all kinds of things. While there is an optional paid subscription, we have found that a good amount of Pre-K content is free. Imagine a pinterest just for teacher ideas. The activities are sorted by grade level, so you can feel confident that what you are looking at is age appropriate. Blazer Fresh is a band that writes fun kids’ songs that are a great tool for phonological awareness.